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Hot Products
  • Ultra Ese Vitamin E with Selenium
    Composition Each kg. contains Vitamin E 100 gms Vitamin C 100 gms Selenium 250 mg Biotin 500 mg Benefits : Relives from stress and inactiveness. Improves both humoral and cell mediated immunity. Enhances the functional capacity of the cell and acts more actively. Improves hatch ability, fertility etc in breeders. Birds become more active with better stamina to yield better performance Dosage : 250 gms / ton of feed (or) 250 gms/ 10000 Chicks / Layers / Broilers during the 1st 10 days. Presentation : 500 g & 1 kg
  • Ultra Probio Plus (Probiotic Feed Additive)
    Composition : Lacto bacillus Acidophillus Lacto bacillus Bulgaricus Lacto bacillus Casei Lacto bacillus Reuteri Lacto bacillus Lactis Stepro coccus faecium Aspergilus Oryzae Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strength : 50 billion cfu/kg Benefits : Prevents Bacterial Infections like E.Coli and Solmonelia Improves health and immunity Vaccins function well and completely More survivals, Better performances and extra Profits. Higher and persistent antibody Titres. Dosage : 100 gms / ton of feed continuously. (or) Advised by Veterinarian Presentation : 500 g & 1 kg
  • Virex (Prevents Viral Load)
    Composition : Potassium Mono per sulphate - 50% Sodium Chloride - 1.5% Potassium Sulphate - 45% Sodium Di chloro Iso Cyanurate - 5% Benefits : Strats action within minutes after application and kills micro organisms with in 12-24 hours. Readily soluble in water and no leaching effect. Most suitable alternative to kill all kinds of viruses in aqua culture ponds. Controls all external infections of prawn / shrimp including gills tail and antennae. No Stress, no irritation, non-corrosive and safe to use. Dosage: 1 mtr. Water Depth 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg / hectare once in a month. Presentation: 1 Kg
  • Amino Active-Gel (Aqua Growth Promoter)
    Composition : Each 1000 ml Contains : L-Lysine - 5000mg DL-Methionine - 3000mg Choline Chloride - 5000mg Fortfied with minerals Benefits : Helps for better growth, body weight with better health and immunity. Covers minerals deficiencies. Dosage: In Feed : Regular use : 5 - 10 gms/1 kg of pellets. Periodical use : 10 gms / 1 kg of pellets. 2 days every week or advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 10 & 20 Kgs Bucket
  • Plankt-ON (Plankton Developer)
    Composition : Manganese : 6.0% Boron : 1.0% Zinc : 6.0% Potassium : 6.0% Cobalt : 0.02% Molybdenum : 0.02% Silicon : 5.0% Cobalt : 0.05% Probiotics : QS Benefits : Boosts the optimum growth of phytoplankton in the pond. Manages the color of pond water by promoting phytoplankton bloom. Creates an abundant natural food to increase the production of live food organisms and zooplankton naturally present in the pond. Increases feed efficiency ,growth and survival. Stabilizes water temperature in the pond, regulates pH value and the ecosystem of the pond. Dosage: 3 - 4 kg/ Hectare or as advised by aqua consultant. Presentation: 5 Kg bag & 10 kgs bucket
  • Ultra Fishmin (Minerals, Amino Acids for Fish)
    COMPOSITION : Each 1000 gms contain : Calcium - 24% Phosphorous - 6% Manganese - 500 mg Zinc - 4500 mg Cobalt - 100 mg Iron - 6000 mg Copper - 2000 mg Iodine - 150 mg Magnesium - 6000 mg Potassium - 2000 mg Lysine - 4000 mg Methionine - 2000 mg Herbal liver stimulant and growth promoter - QS Benefits : Helps to develop endo & Exo skelton Optimizes FCR maximizes productivity Regulates osmo regualation helps for better growth, body weight with better health & immunity. Dosage : 10 kg per 1 ton of fish with feed regularly (or) Advised by an aqua consultant Presentation: 10 Kg
Most Popular Products
Vita - A Forte Vitamin A Liquid Supplement
Composition Each ml. Contains Vitamin A - 100000 IU Excipients - Q.S. Benefits : Increase egg production Relieves from stress For Vitamin A deficiency Maintain optimum health Dosage Per 100 birds : 5 - 7 days Chicks & Broilers starters : 5 ml Growers, Layers & Broiler finishers : 10 ml Breeders : 10 - 20 ml (or) As advised by a veterinarian Presentation : 500 ml, 1 Ltr. & 5 Ltrs.
Ultra C Poultry (Vitamin C 10% Water Soluble)
Composition: Each 1000 gram contains : Vitamin C - 100 gms Stabilizers - Q.S. Benefits : Helps to increase resistance. Stress receiver. Improves growth and body weight. Increase egg production in layers. Dosage : 1 gm / 1 ltr. of Drinking Water (or) as advised by a veterinarian Presentation : 500 g & 1kg.
Larvarex (Long Acting Fly Controller)
Composition : Cyromazine (Feed grade) - 2.0% Excipients - Q.S. Benefits : Fly growth regulator for the control of dipterous larvae Effective for fly control Control transmit animal decrease causing organisms Disrupts the molting process of the fly life cycle Prevent proliferation of the fly population. Early usage will result in better control. Dosage : Mix 250 gm/. ton of feed continuously for 4-6 weeks Repeat the dose if flies reestablish Presentation : 1 Kg & 5 Kgs
Kidney Tonic (For Prevention Of Gout)
Composition Each 100 ml contains : Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate - 1.5 gm Ammonium chloride - 1.0 gm Ascorbic acid - 0.5 gm Sodium Citrate - 1.0 gm Sodium Chloride - 1.0 gm Buffers & Stabilizers - Q.S. Benefits : Helps for prevention and treatment Visceral Gout Articular Gout Ascitis Dosage : In Drinking Water Preventive use 1 ml/1ltr. Treatment use : 2 ml / ltr (or) As advised by a veterinarian Presentation : 1 Ltr. & 5 Ltrs
About Our Company 

For more than 10 years, we, Ultra Tech Minerals are proving our ability as the best Animal Health Care Products manufacturer and exporter. Our wide array comprises Concentrated Probiotics, Water Miscible Feed Supplement, Turbidity Controller, Control Nuisance Fly Species, etc. All these items are trusted for their effectiveness as well as matchless quality. Our enterprise is supervised by 3 M.V.Sc., and B.V.Sc. Vets. They have given their best to make the company acquire the top most position in markets. 

All our products are checked by experts when they are ready. They keep a tab on the nutritional value of items. We make sure to pack the offerings accurately using premium grade material. It is highly essential for preventing the quality of supplements. Our company has been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and cGMP certification for matching high quality standards. We aim to become a more efficient partner for clients by supplying improved solutions. 

Why Us?

  • We make available highest quality Feed Supplements at market leading prices
  • Our company has been controlling a wide supply network
  • We give guarantee of prompt shipment shipment of consignments
  • Clients are supported round the clock by our service team

Quality Assurance

We have invested in sophisticated machinery and equipment as well as established a huge hygienic unit. All the processes are supervised by highly diligent and experienced workers. Therefore, our offerings such as Control Nuisance Fly Species, Turbidity Controller, etc. are always incomparable in terms of quality as well as consists of accurate nutritional value. Our experts check every product thoroughly before the shipment. Ultra Tech Minerals only deals in products which are safe to consume for animals and processed using premium grade ingredients. After the products are ready, the array is assessed by a team of experts comprising quality assurance managers working under M.Sc., Qualified personnel with 17 years of experience. Products are also audited by experienced technical staff headed by a M.Pharmacy person with 30 Years of experience. 


The entire range of feed supplements is manufactured as per the strict cGMP regulations. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 which is one of the reasons behind its fame in domestic as well as international markets. 


In our company research and development has been a continuous process helping us in delivering innovative molecules. Consistent product improvement and development is one of the USPs of our company. The credit for this goes to our R&D department which provides useful data to manufacturing team after deep research. Because of this, we have been able to launch our exclusive range of items like Water Miscible Feed Supplement, Concentrated Probiotics, etc.
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