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Aquaculture Specialities

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Bromo Plus (Brominated Compound)

COMPOSITION : Brominated Mineral Compound -5% (Available 5% Bromine) Stabilizer-Q.S. BENEFITS : Perfect sanitizer. Prevents, formation of fungal beds Minimises mycrobial load Controls external infections of prawn/fish. DOSAGE: 1 mtr. Water depth.1-2 ltrs per hectare once in 15 days (or) As advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 1 Ltr & 5 Ltrs

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Amino Active-Gel (Aqua Growth Promoter)

Composition : Each 1000 ml Contains : L-Lysine - 5000mg DL-Methionine - 3000mg Choline Chloride - 5000mg Fortfied with minerals Benefits : Helps for better growth, body weight with better health and immunity. Covers minerals deficiencies. Dosage: In Feed : Regular use : 5 - 10 gms/1 kg of pellets. Periodical use : 10 gms / 1 kg of pellets. 2 days every week or advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 10 & 20 Kgs Bucket

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Ultra Pro-PS (Phytosynthetic Probiotics)

Composition : Each ml. Contains: Rhodobactor 2 x 10 9 cfu Rhodococcus 2 x 10 9 cfu Benefits : Enhance decomposition of organic waste. Prevent forming of toxic gasses like ammonia and sulpher hydrogen. Develop and stabilize a good algal bloom. Stabilized pH, helps in balancing ecology in the pond. Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria Improves DO levels. Improves animal activeness. Dosage: 1 meter water depth during pond preparation 20 ltrs. / hectare. During Culture 10 ltr/ hectare for every 15 days or as advised by Aqua consultant. Presentation : 1 Ltr, 5 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs

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Ultra Bind Binding Gel

Composition : Each 1000 ml Contains : Carbohydrates - 20000 mg Proteins - 2000mg Fats - 1000mg Fortified with energy base Benefits : Helps for better growth and weights. Will not waste either feed (or) powders. It posses good nutrients, attractive flavour, taste and allows to consume feed quickly. Acts as best binder for powders to be supplemented through feed. Dosage : 10 - 20 gms/ kg of feed or as advised by aqua consultant. Presentation: 10kg. & 20kg. Bucket

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Plankt-ON (Plankton Developer)

Composition : Manganese : 6.0% Boron : 1.0% Zinc : 6.0% Potassium : 6.0% Cobalt : 0.02% Molybdenum : 0.02% Silicon : 5.0% Cobalt : 0.05% Probiotics : QS Benefits : Boosts the optimum growth of phytoplankton in the pond. Manages the color of pond water by promoting phytoplankton bloom. Creates an abundant natural food to increase the production of live food organisms and zooplankton naturally present in the pond. Increases feed efficiency ,growth and survival. Stabilizes water temperature in the pond, regulates pH value and the ecosystem of the pond. Dosage: 3 - 4 kg/ Hectare or as advised by aqua consultant. Presentation: 5 Kg bag & 10 kgs bucket

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Turbicon(Turbidity Reducer)

Composition : Contains natural anionic flocculent and coagulant Benefits : Elementary off flavour from the pond. Improves DO levels. Prevent turbidity in ponds. Makes pond water clean, clear and visible. Clears pond bottom sediments. Prevents production of toxic gases. Dosage: 1 Kg / Hectare in alternate days for 1 week (or) Advised by an Aqua consultant. Presentation: 5 Kgs.

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ULTRA-C (Vitamin - C Supplement)

Composition : Each 100 g. contains Ascorbic acid : 50g Stabilizers: Q.S Benefits: Improves activeness, survivals, resistance in prawn/fish. Animals become more active and take enough feed. Relieves the prawn/fish from routine stress in pond. Helps for collagen formations in the muscles of the prawn/fish. Improves growth and body weights. Provides additional strength to bear extra stress if any. Dosage: 2-3 gms/ kg. of feed continuously. (OR) as advised by aqua consultant. Application: Mix recommended quantity of ULTRA'C'in 20 ml of gel and applied to 1 kg of feed. Dry the feed under cool shade for 30 minutes before feeding. Presentations: 200Gms. 500Gms.

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Ultra Immoguard Gel (Immunity Enhancer)

Composition : Each 100 ml Contains : Mannano Oligo Saccharides - 500mg Beta Glucans - 5000mg Yeast Extract - 200mg Vitamin E - 250mg Chloine Chloride - 10mg Benefits : Enhances immunity Controls the gut problems and maintains good resistance to gut effecting bacteria. Built up better body defence mechanism. Improves survivals Helps the animal to relieve from stress Improves strength and provides optimum health and growth. Improves feed intake and body weighs. Dosage: For Aqua culture : 5 to 10 ml/ 1 kg pellets to feed (Or) As advised by Aqua Consultant. Presentation: 1 Lt

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Ammo-Stop (Gas Absorbent)

Composition : Yucca Schidigera - 30% (8-10)% Saponins Added Natural Gas Absorbants Benefits : Prevents production of toxic gases. Adsorbed already formed toxic gases. Makes the prawn/ fish active and healthy. Helps for better pond ecology. Prevents off flavour in the pond Dosage: 1 mtr. Water depth. 500 Gms. Per hectare once in 15 days (or) As advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 500 gms & 1 kg plastic tin.

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Ultra Shell Min (Shell Hardener)

Composition : Each 1000 gms. Contains Calcium Phosphate Tribasic : 100 gm Vitamin D3 : 2000 mg Ferrous gluconate : 100 mg Benefits : Acts as growth promoter in fish and prawn Helps for quick formation of shell. Prevents and controles loose shell disease in prawn. Dosage : 10-15 Gms per kg of pellets at least 7 days in a month (or) As advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 500 gm & 1 kg

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Lice Cure (For Control of lice)

Composition : Contains highly specialized herbals added with organic acids in suitable proportions. Benefits : Eliminates fish lice like Argulus, Lernia Prevents all Ecto parasites Improve growth and body weight. Dosage : 20 gms/ 1 ton of Biomass for 5 days (OR) Advised by an Aqua Consultant. Presentation: 1 Kg Tin

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Ultra Dine (Iodine- 20%)

Composition : Nonyl alkyl phenoxy poly ethylene oxide iodine complex provides 20% available iodine with stabilizers. Benefits : Prevents virus, Bacteria fungus and protozoa Controls extend wounds Makes the pond water fresh Prevents pathogeme bacteria Prevents all gill rots and tail rots Helps as growth promoter Dosage : 1 mtr. water depth. 1-2 ltrs per hectare once in 15 days with water or sand (or) As advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation : 1 Ltr., 5Ltrs., & 20 Ltrs.

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San - 80 (Sanitizer & Disinfectant)

Composition : Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl - 80% Ammonium Chloride Stabilizers - Q.S. Benefits : Helps for complete moulting. Controls external infections of prawn / fish. Cleans the pond water. Acts well on protozoan infections. Prevents microbid population Dosage: 1 Ltr. water depth . 2-3 Ltr. Per hectare once in 15 days (or) As advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation : 1 Ltr., 5Ltrs., & 20 Ltrs.

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Virex (Prevents Viral Load)

Composition : Potassium Mono per sulphate - 50% Sodium Chloride - 1.5% Potassium Sulphate - 45% Sodium Di chloro Iso Cyanurate - 5% Benefits : Strats action within minutes after application and kills micro organisms with in 12-24 hours. Readily soluble in water and no leaching effect. Most suitable alternative to kill all kinds of viruses in aqua culture ponds. Controls all external infections of prawn / shrimp including gills tail and antennae. No Stress, no irritation, non-corrosive and safe to use. Dosage: 1 mtr. Water Depth 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg / hectare once in a month. Presentation: 1 Kg

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Ultra Immo Secure (Immunity Enhancer)

Composition : Each 100g. Contains : . Mannan Oligo Saccharides - 5000mg Bela Glucans - 5000mg Yeast - 800mg Vitamin E - 250mg Benefits : Helps the animal to relieve from stress. Improves strength of the shrimp / prawn. Builds up better body difference mechanism. Provides optimum health and growth. Increases feed intake and body weights. Improves survivals of shrimp. Prevents the colonization of bacterial pathogens in the gut. Dosage: 5 - 10 gm/ kg of feed (OR) As advised by aqua Consultant Presentation: 1 kg

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Zeo - Pro - G (Water and Soil Probiotic with granular Zeolyte)

COMPOSITION : Contains natural minerals, Probiotics and Zeolyte in granular form fortified with Enzymes. BENEFITS : Ultra's Zemien - Ampro improves the uptake of nutrients and their intention in the soil and suppresses the harmful effects of soil acidity. Oxidise ammonia and hydrogen sulphide and maintains high water quality an ideal environment for shrimp / fish to grow. Induces faster for maintaining stable algal bloom in the pond and keep away majority of the problem in the aqua culture pond management. Application: Mix the require quantity of Ultra's Zemien - Ampro in sand and spread all over the pond evenly or as directed by aqua consultant. Aerate the pond thoroughly after administration. DOSAGE: 5-7 kgs / acre once in 15 days. (OR) As advised by an aqua consultant Presentation: 10 Kgs Bucket

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Ultra Prozyme (Probiotic & Enzyme Feed Supplement)

Composition : Each Kg Contains Amylase 20000 IU Protease 20000 IU Cellulase 40000 IU Pectinase 42500 IU Phytase 10000 IU Lipase 12500 IU Beta Glucanase Secharomyces Cerevisiae IX 109 cfu 2000 IU Bacillus sps. 2x109 cfu Benefits : Arrests the growth of pathogenic bacteria like VIBRIO by competitive elimination. Cleans pond bottom sediments. Eliminates toxic gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, Nitrites, Sulpher dioxides etc. Maintains optimum plankton levels. Provides enough DO levels. Maintains optimum water perameters. Enhance growth and performance Increase weight gain For better FCR Applications : Mix the recommended quantity of ULTRA PROZYME in 20-30 ltrs of water and sprinkle all our the pond. Dosage : 250-500 gm/ Hectare once in 15 days (OR) As advised by aqua consultant. Presentation: 500 gm & 1 kg

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Yucca Plus (Ammonia Controller)

Composition: Each 1000 gm contains : Yucca Scidigera 30% Bacillus Subtitis 1 x 109 cfu Nitrobactor 1 x 109 cfu Nitrosomonas 1 x 109 cfu Gas absorbants Q.S. Benefits : Animals Feels freshness and active. Reduces harmful bacterial loads in the ponds. Improves water quality by minimizing the production of pollutant. Binds ammonia, hydrogen sulphide sulphur dioxide and other toxic gases. Maintain optimum DO levels. Converts toxic nitrogenous wastes for development of plaktons. Eleminates toxic / pungent odours in the ponds. Dosage : 1 mtr. Water depth. 500 gms / hectare-repeat the dose once in 2 or 3 weeks for better maintenance of ponds. Presentation : 500 gms. & 1 kg.

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All Kill - F (Broad Spectrum Sanitizer and Moult Inducer)

Composition : Benzyl Konium Chloride - 15% Glutaraldehyde - 10% Formaldehyde - 5% Stabilizer - QS Benefits : Controls microbial loads, like virus, bacteria, fungus and protozoan organisms in aqua culture ponds. Helps to Control the lice infection like Lernia, Argulas etc. Helps to control fluke infections like Dactylogyrus, Paradactylogyrus. Prevents the chances of diseases on periodically application. Induces moulting quickly. Dosage : 1 to 2 Lt. per acre (OR) as advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 5 Ltr

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MIN GOLD (Liquid) (Concentrated Minerals in Liquid Form)

Composition : Manganese Sulphate 6% Zinc Sulphate 6% Magnesium Suphate 20% Ferrous Sulphate 1% Cobalt Sulphate 0.5% Fortified with Calcium and Phosphorus Benefits : Helps to develop Endo & Exo skelton Optimizes FCR and maximizes productivity Molting Inducer Prevent Loose Shell Regulates OSMO regulation For deficiency of minerals Dosage : 3-4 Ltrs / acre once in 10 days (or) advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 1 ltr, 10 ltrs, & 20 ltrs

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BACTRICON PLUS (Herbal Bacteria Controller)

Composition : Contains Special herbs having strong microbial properties with natural imnuno modulator Benefits : As a growth promoter Acts anti microbial Prevents external parasites. Dosage: During Bacterial out Breaks 500 ml. / ton of Biomass through feed As growth promotor - 300 ml / ton of Biomass thorough feed. Presentation: 1 Ltr & 5 Ltrs.

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MIN GOLD PLUS (Specialy Formulated For Aqua Culture Highly Concentrated Minerals)

COMPOSITION : Each 1000 g. contains Manganese - 1500 mg Copper - 1200 mg Iron - 1000 mg Zinc - 10000 mg Iodine - 325 mg Cobalt - 100 mg Selenium - 10 mg Molybdenum - 500 mg Boran - 5000 mg Aluminium - 1000 mg Calcium - 32% Phosphorus - 6% Magnesium - 10% DOSAGE: Regular use 5 kg / acre. Risk condition - 10 kg / acre For pond preparation - 15 kg / acre One day before stocking (or) Advised by an Aqua Consultant Presentation :5 kg.

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Pro Bottom Lact (Probiotic for pond bottom)

Composition : Special selective beneficial bacteria having bio degredant action Benefits : Makes pond water clean clear and visible Prevents production of toxic gases. Clears pond bottoms sediments Arrests the growth of bacterial pathogens. Dosage : 1 mtr. Water depth. 10 kgs/ hectare once in 15 days (OR) Advised by an aqua consultant. Presentation: 10 kgs Bucket

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Ultra Fishmin (Minerals, Amino Acids for Fish)

COMPOSITION : Each 1000 gms contain : Calcium - 24% Phosphorous - 6% Manganese - 500 mg Zinc - 4500 mg Cobalt - 100 mg Iron - 6000 mg Copper - 2000 mg Iodine - 150 mg Magnesium - 6000 mg Potassium - 2000 mg Lysine - 4000 mg Methionine - 2000 mg Herbal liver stimulant and growth promoter - QS Benefits : Helps to develop endo & Exo skelton Optimizes FCR maximizes productivity Regulates osmo regualation helps for better growth, body weight with better health & immunity. Dosage : 10 kg per 1 ton of fish with feed regularly (or) Advised by an aqua consultant Presentation: 10 Kg


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